Sponsor Our Troop

Volunteer Your Time 

We welcome adult volunteers to share their gifts, talents and experiences with our Girl Scouts. We are in need of professionals to come to our troop and host one-time activities with our girls. If you are a dancer, come and host a choreography session. If you are a doctor, come talk to out girls and talk about what it takes to make it in your profession. If you are a business owner, come host a financial literary workshop. 

Buy Our Cookies 

There is more to Girl Scouts than selling cookie! When our girls participate in the annual cookie sale, they learn how to goal set, make decisions, manage money, people skills and proper business ethics. For every box of Girl Scout cookies sold, we earn 65-75 cents for our troop account. This cookie revenue comes directly to our troop to help with the purchase of supplies, snacks, books, trips, membership fee's, etc. 

Make A Financial Donation

Here's where your financial contribution can go: $40 pays for patches, badges, pins and awards for one girl, per year, $30 pays for supplies for one troop meeting, $20 pays for a healthy snack for one troop activity, $25 pays for one Annual Girl Scout Membership Fee, $7 pays for one Girl Scout Journey Book

Contact Troop Leader Kori at girlscoutscandoanything@gmail.com to find out how to donate!